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Environmental, Climate and Social Justice

Environmental, climate, and social justice stakeholders include individuals, groups, and entities with vested interests or concerns in the equitable and sustainable management of natural resources and social well-being. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the IIJA help allocate significant funding to various infrastructure projects, including those aimed at improving environmental sustainability and resilience, such as investments in renewable energy, public transportation, and clean water infrastructure. These investments can positively impact environmental and social justice by addressing infrastructure disparities and promoting access to clean resources in underserved communities.

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Types of Grants

Various types of grants are available to support tree planting, trail development, community organizing, and workforce training initiatives focused on enhancing environmental sustainability and social well-being. Environmental organizations, local governments and community groups often apply for grants such as conservation grants, forestry grants, and green infrastructure to fund tree planting projects and trail development efforts. Community organizing grants support grassroots initiatives aimed at mobilizing communities for environmental action and advocacy. Workforce training grants, including those focused on green jobs and sustainable development, enable organizations to train individuals for careers in fields such as forestry, conservation, and environmental education.

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Help With Grant Writing

Local, national, and International environmental organizations often have dedicated grant-writing teams or resources to support project development and funding applications. Government agencies, such as environmental departments or forestry services, may guide and assist in identifying relevant grant opportunities and navigating the application process. Universities and research institutions also frequently offer support through grant-writing offices or sustainability departments. Networking within the conservation community can also be invaluable, as it may lead to partnerships, mentorship opportunities, or access to shared resources and knowledge. Hiring professional grant writers or consultants with expertise in conservation can provide specialized assistance in crafting competitive proposals. 

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Information on Grants

Links to info on grant info (list resources on CACE site first)

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Staying Informed

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