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Resources For Tax Exempt Entities


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Clean Energy Rebates for Non-Tax-Paying Entities

Tax Credits are Available via Elective Pay / aka “Direct Pay”


Non-taxpayers can now claim the value of certain tax credits as cash payments.



  • Clean Electricity Investment Tax Credit - ITC (48 or 48E after 2025)

  • Clean Electricity Production Tax Credit - PTC (45 or 45Y after 2025)

  • Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit (45W)

  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit (30C)

More info at

What Non-Profits Need To Know about the ITC - Clean Energy Group

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Energy Efficient Tax Deductions can be Transferred to a 3rd Party

Non-taxpayers can now benefit from tax deductions if they install energy-efficient equipment in new or renovated buildings that they own.

Tax Code 179D deductions can be transferred (typically to the architect and/or engineering firms designing their building) for building design improvements in heating, lighting, HVAC, hot water, or building envelope that result in efficiency of at least 25 percent


Having trouble figuring out how these tax credits and rebates can help you reduce your carbon footprint? Ask us a question. Attend an upcoming community meeting. You deserve to get answers to your questions.

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