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Local Government

Municipalities can access grants to upgrade transportation networks, such as roads, bridges, and public transit systems, to enhance safety and efficiency. Additionally, rebates are available for investments in renewable energy infrastructure and energy-efficient projects, helping municipalities reduce long-term operational costs while promoting environmental sustainability. These initiatives empower local governments to enhance infrastructure resilience, stimulate economic growth, and combat inflationary pressures through strategic investments.

Government Building

Grants for Building Upgrades

Retrofits or new construction. Heat pump HVAC, Smart Thermostats, occupied sensor lighting, on-site/rooftop solar, energy audits.

Police Cars

Electric Vehicle Fleets

Municipal vehicles, police, fire, snow removal, yard or street vehicles, trash. EV charging stations and infrastructure.

Experts Panel

Help for Grant Writing

Reading a Newspaper

Sign Up to Stay Informed

Contacts on the CACE team, Robin Mann, Shawn Smolsky

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