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Our Mission

Engage with appropriate stakeholders to harness clean energy and sustainable community related funding at the state and local level, especially in communities most impacted by climate and environmental injustice.

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The following organizations have joined this initiative as contributors and are helping to promote the resources and events being developed. If you would like to nominate an organization to join this list or collaborate in some way, please use the Contact Us section below.

Most of our volunteers have associations with one or more of these partners, but some are just contributing to this initiative. Contact us about volunteering. We have volunteers from around the greater Philadelphia region. We always need more, especially in suburban NJ and DE.

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club's Community Advocates program is the springboard to this greater Philadelphia area project. 

Many Ready For 100 volunteers are contributing to this project - as we continue to encourage our own communities to achieve our clean energy and equity goals.


Sierra Club is a Contributing Member.

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Climate Reality Project

Community Net-Zero Education Project

The Community Net-Zero Education Project (CNEP) works to to educate, empower, & energize people at the community level to take effective actions that reverse climate change while building a sustainable future based on environmental justice in Philadelphia.

CNEP is an Affiliate Member.

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Pennsylvania has one of the largest public education systems in the United States, serving more than 1.7 million students. Bringing clean energy to Pennsylvania schools would have a positive impact on a generation of future leaders.

Generation180’s campaign in PA is working to ensure that all Pennsylvania schools can access the benefits of going clean energy, including reduced energy bills, enhanced STEM education, workforce development, and healthier communities.

Generation180 is a Contributing Member

CACE/Philly Partnership Options

Concerned about the climate crisis?

Ready to do something about it?


Investing in greener homes and communities—now—is crucial to a sustainable future. If you’d like to invest your ideas, skills and some of your time toward such a future, become a Community Advocate for Clean Energy. We need you!


Community Advocates for Clean Energy (CACE) is looking for volunteers throughout Greater Philadelphia to help address the climate crisis. We ourselves are volunteers with varying levels of expertise and experience but one single goal: to raise awareness and promote actions that will speed our individual communities toward a cleaner, safer and greener tomorrow. To reach that goal, we’re spreading the word to our friends and neighbors, community associations and town councils, spurring both individual and collective action.  


We know that passion for a sustainable future and the time to devote to it don’t always go hand-in-hand. With that in mind, we offer four ways to get involved. If interested or have questions please Contact Us.

Fists in Solidarity

A CACE Philly affiliate is a group or organization that agrees to partner with CACE to help fulfill its mission in Greater Philadelphia. What do affiliates do? We see affiliates as organizations who share a similar mission. Affiliates can choose to co-host educational events, donate resources, and/or collaborate on CACE initiatives to maximize their reach and impact. Affiliation with other entities helps CACE increase awareness of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)* to foster a more sustainable, equitable, and environmentally conscious society. What’s the time commitment? This requires a medium-to-high time commitment. It requires purposeful communication between organizations through selected representatives as well as meeting participation when needed and appropriate.

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A CACE Philly ambassador is a knowledgeable individual who possesses a deep understanding of CACE's activities, offerings, and processes related to our mission. What does an ambassador do? This person serves as a liaison between CACE and the wider community, actively promoting awareness and engagement. A CACE Philly Ambassador informs and connects interested community members, facilitates access to events, disseminates information about the organization's initiatives, and guides individuals to relevant resources on the organization's website. An ambassador helps foster a culture of sustainability both within the organization and the surrounding community. What’s the time commitment? This is a low time-commitment role. It involves initial training (attending a presentation of ~2 hours). Every 6 weeks, ambassadors meet for an update on CACE initiatives and to discuss any additional support they need or see in their communities.

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A CACE Philly volunteer is someone actively involved in our day-to-day operations, doing much of the behind-the-scenes work to fulfill the organization's mission: building a more sustainable and informed community. Volunteers within this non-profit may engage in various activities, including participating in committees that research IRA/BIL programs, plan and execute educational events, workshops, and outreach programs, and helping stakeholders with grant applications related to CACE’s mission. Additionally, volunteers may be involved in administrative tasks such as data entry, organizing resources, coordinating logistics for events, developing print and digital materials and assisting with communication efforts. What do they do? Volunteers within this non-profit engage in various activities (detailed below), depending on their preferred committee. Activities include helping to plan and execute educational events, workshops, and outreach programs; and administrative tasks such as data entry, resource organization, logistical planning, and communications assistance. What’s the time commitment? This requires a medium-to-high time commitment. It requires weekly communication with the committee of your choice. Level of activity and participation is flexible through asynchronous task selection. We’re happy to work with your availability. Volunteers are needed to act as: Issue experts. Are you an 'issue expert' in one or more areas of the energy field? If so, CACE Philly could use your help crafting written materials, making presentations to community groups (in person or by Zoom), and assisting individuals in the community apply for clean energy rebate programs. Event Planner. Are you good at planning and implementing community meetings? How about developing educational programs? Consider helping us develop local events: workshops and outreach programs that give people an opportunity to hear from issue experts and learn what they can do themselves. Media Developer. Community meetings are only one way to reach the public. CACE Philly is looking for people who can record/broadcast informational programs, enhance its social media presence, and develop online materials about CACE and its mission. Translator. Can you help us translate educational materials into terms the average person can understand, translate materials into another language, or make our meetings and materials more accessible to those with disabilities? We can make good use of your interests and talents! Take the Volunteer Interest Survey

Fists in Solidarity
Contributing Partner

A contributing partner is an individual, organization, business, government agency, or another non-profit entity that actively participates in advancing the goals, projects, and initiatives of CACE Philly’s mission. What does a Contributing Partner do? A contributing partner provides resources, expertise, funding, or other valuable assets, intellectual or material, to enhance the effectiveness and impact of a shared endeavor. A partner actively contributes to the success of CACE's projects, programs, or campaigns to promote the benefits of the IRA, IIJA*, and other sustainability and climate-related government policy and investment opportunities. The term "contributing partner" emphasizes the collaborative and mutually beneficial nature of the relationship, where each participant brings something valuable to the table to achieve a common goal. What’s the time commitment? This requires a medium-to-high time commitment, including purposeful communication between organizations through selected representatives as well as meeting participation when needed and appropriate. A contributing partner is encouraged to participate in the decision making process of CACE by joining the CACE Steering Committee. *Also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL).

If you are interested or have questions please Contact Us.


Greater Philadelphia Area - including western NJ and northern DE

Thanks for submitting!

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