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Community Organizations

Community-facing organizations that are working on environmental and climate justice activities to benefit disadvantaged communities through projects that reduce pollution, increase community climate resilience, and build community capacity to address environmental and climate justice challenges can take advantage of funding opportunities in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Planting New Trees

Community Change Grant (EPA)

Categories of Projects

Air Quality - Prevent, monitor and/or lessen the burden of air- and other forms of pollution; Invest in low- and zero-emissions technologies and related technologies and infrastructure

Clean Energy Workforce Development - Develop a workforce to help reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and other air pollutants

Rising Temperatures - Lessen the climate and health risks linked to the “urban heat island” effect; Help prepare for, adapt to and lessen the risks associated with a rapidly changing climate

Community Engagement - Help engage residents, civic organizations and others to reach these goals

Example Projects

Bike Lanes; Bike Shares; Expanding Transit; Zero/Low GHG Emission
Tech; Air/Water pollutant monitoring & Ed; Workforce Development;  Shade Trees; Restoring Wetlands; Micro-grids; Storm Shelters;  Community Composting

How to Apply and Deadlline

This grant is open until Nov 21, 2024. Funding will be awarded for up to a three-year period.

To apply and ask for technical assistance for the Community Change Grant, go to the EPA EJ Tech Assistance site.

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Eligibility & Local Orgs

Eligible Organizations

Any community-based nonprofit organizations working in an ECJ Community can partner with another community-based nonprofit, Indian tribe or local government entity to apply for an ECJ: Community Change Grant. ECJ Communities are defined by census data. See the interactive Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool for an interactive map like the one on this page that shows EJ communities in grey.

Local Nonprofits Organizations

We believe that any of the organizations listed in the Cause IQ Business and Community Development Organizations List could partner-up and will be eligible to apply for the Community Change Grant. Including the 328 Community Service Clubs, the 116 Urban Development Orgs,  the 455 Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

Contact us if you need help to explore the eligibility of your organization at

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